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The Electronic Labyrinth  
Everything you ever wanted to know about hypertext but were too afraid to ask. Written from a straightforward, literary standpoint, this ginormous site will appeal especially to any creative writer and literary historian who is interested in knowing about the origins and implications of the non-linear writing movement. An extensive bibliography plus a timeline on the printed word are included. 

Know what "cornea gumbo" is? Look it up in Netlingo, a handy-dandy dictionary of the Internet language for the Net-novice and know-it-all alike. Bring along the nifty Pocket Dictionary as you navigate the Web and you won’t get lost in the surging sea of hypertext jargon. And if you are itching to coin your own Cyber-term, here’s the place to claim your fame.  

New York New Media Association 
Industry news and announcements for the new media professional. See what this organization is all about. 

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