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Clearly, we're true believers in the value and future of cyberspace, but we also are still faithful to pen and ink as well as keyboard.

Many places on the Web bring them all together ... interactive resources for writers, reporters, marketers, poets and other wordsmiths.

Here are some WWW sites we have found to be especially useful and interesting for folks like us -- and you -- who care about communicating, ideas and words. We've also tucked in some sites on books and the gentle art of reading, since most of us write to be read.

Each link has been explored by one of us at The Fontayne Group, so you'll have a look before you leap. (Each click on a recommended link spawns a new browser window, so you don't lose touch with our list.)

Have at it. And email us your further suggestions for comparably great sites.  

Traditional Disclaimer: The opinions expressed
in our reviews are ours alone. The links and sites were accurate at the time of our last update. We'll do our best to keep current. We bear no responsibility for the content, currency or accuracy of sites other than our own,
we're just pointin' the way.

Queries or quibbles? Sites to Suggest?
Write right here.




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