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In this section you'll find lists, articles and other tidbits about writing and the word. They have been written or compiled by The Fontayne Group's writers who have written in virtually every form, from poetry to press releases, for virtually every medium, for commerce and for art.

Read Well to Write Well
Our List of Brilliantly-written Books

On Writing? Well....
Writers Think About Ink

News To Be Used
The News Release Revisited

Riders and Writers
Working with Travel Journalists

The Ultimate Communications Tactic

Getting Printed
Publicity Tips

The Netly News
Effective Online PR

Crisis Communications Online
Using the Web for Crisis Communications

The Netly News
Society of American Travel Writers - Tacoma
Creating an Effective Presence Online

Paving the Way with PR
California Travel Industry Association - Monterey
5 Simple Strategies For Cost Effective Communications

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