i must stay awake, i must stay awake, i must stay awake!

Of course there is caffeine, in all its guises, from Frappuccinos to Vivarin, but sometimes caffeine simply isn't enough, or it is too much. If you can't create on coffee nerves, take heart. Try some of these alternative methods to get you through the night. And, next time, kids, promise us you'll start that project sooner!!!

1. Keep the room very cold. Use old wooly gloves with the fingers cut out so you can grip the pen or tap the keyboard.

2. Eat a Slim Jim or other sufficiently pungent foodstuff. Your breath will keep your head from dropping to your chest.

3. AVOID...your bed, hot showers/baths, the horizontal position and "easy listening" music.

4. Wash your face and brush your teeth once an hour.

5. Change your clothes, right down to your underwear. No jammies!!

6. Go for a brisk run in the cool night air, or take walks every couple hours. Not only will it jolt your sleepy nerves, it's good for your heart, too.

How do YOU get through an all-nighter? Tell us.


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